I will continue to advocate for infrastructure projects and will advocate for a wall along Bailey Road from Lakes of Carriage Hills to Bermuda Club and along prospect road at Boulevards of Tamarac and Tamarac Lakes North.

  • I will continue to work with FPL to change outdated power lines and polls with new ones.


I am committed to fighting for a safer community.  In my third term, I will advocate for more Police Officers to be zoned on the Eastside (Tamarac District 1). I will advocate for more community policing initiatives, which will increase trust between the Police and the Community. I will increase police patrol times in communities faced with Part 1 Crimes: Burglary Conveyance as well as crimes of opportunity.


I am committed to a cleaner and more beautiful community! That is why in my third term, I will increase the maintenance schedules for cutting swales, medians, cleaning parks, power washing streets and trimming trees. By doing so, residents will always enjoy a well-manicured community. I am also committed to providing more funding under our Community Beautification Program to Home Owners Associations so they can beautify their private spaces and, I will work to incentivize more homeowners to beautify the exterior façade of their property.


I am committed to voting to adopt a lower millage rate each year, that is, decreasing Tamarac Property taxes, putting money back into the pockets of Tamarac Working Families.  When this is accomplished over my next term, Tamarac Families will save more than $5,800,000 in taxes!


In my next term, I will ensure that Tamarac Residents receive FIRST PREFERENCE for City Jobs and will pass a living wage ordinance so that our working families can thrive.


I believe that if we live here, we should shop and spend here.  That is why, I will continue to advocate strongly for the new “Uptown Tamarac.” I will continue to work with Developers to improve the State Road 7/Commercial Blvd., corridor (our Opportunity Zone) to attract new restaurants, national chains, small businesses and a shopping Promenade.


  • After School Programs

I will continue to work on creating city funded afterschool programs that will bring a wide range of benefits to the youth, families and our east-side communities. When the City invests in an afterschool program, it will boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children of working parents.

  • Mentorship

City funded mentorship programs can help our young residents as they go through challenging life transitions, including dealing with stressful changes at home or transitioning to adulthood.

  • Tutoring Programs

I will continue to advocate for a paid tutoring program. This program will be a partnership between community HOAs and the City. Our young residents will simply attend tutoring sessions paid for by the city, at their community club houses. Tutors would focus on Math, English and the Sciences.


  • I passed an ordinance providing an additional $25,000 tax exemption to our low-income Seniors and I will advocate in my third term for that exemption to be increased to $50,000 so that our Seniors, many of whom are on a fixed income, can put money back in their pockets.
  • I championed a Senior Discount Prescription Program, so that our Tamarac Seniors receive a discount on their prescriptions and I will continue to advocate for and support that program.


I am committed to finding solutions to our traffic issues:

  • I will incentivize residents to car pool.
  • Work with the Broward County Action Agency to provide free bus passes to Tamarac residents.
  • Increase the schedule and expand the service routes of our community bus program to communities east of 441.
  • Work with County Engineers to make sure that traffic signals are more in sync.
  • Work with the County and the State to reward Business Owners who allow a large portion of their employees to work from home.
  • Will advocate for left/right turning signals at Shaker Village and Commercial Blvd., as well as a left turning signal at Manor Parc.


In my next term, I will enlist residents who are eager to serve/volunteer to join my “Leading Together Committee.” This will allow each community to have a designated liaison between the community and the City Commission.  The Committee will meet biweekly to hear and address issues in their community, and each designated liaison will have direct access to my office, BSO and the Public Services Department to address issues that their community is faced with immediately.


  • Work with Tamarac BSO to restore trust with Tamarac Residents
  • Advocate for more police presence on the eastside to curb crime and improve response times
  • Continue to advocate for Federal and State funding to improve our community and parks
  • Transform Tamarac’s Eastside into a “CRA” Community Redevelopment Agency, ensuring the tax dollars the City receives from Eastside Residents are spent only in the east.
  • Attract New Businesses and restaurants to the City and, incentivize them to locate here.
  • Construct a Community Center on the Eastside of town.
  • Advocate for Equitable Distribution of Services between the East and West Side of the City.

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